Win A Free Surface Pro 3 In This New Skype Contest

The Surface Pro 3 is an amazing tablet. By some accounts, the best available. And unless something drastically revolutionary happens, it will probably remain the best solution for this year.

Sure there are less expensive computers available, but if you can afford a Surface Pro 3, you deserve it.

But what if you cannot afford a Surface Pro 3 just yet? Well, you still deserve it. All you need to do is enter this new Skype sweepstakes, where you can possible (a tall possibility, but still) win one yourself. Interested? Here are the details:

You need to make at least three calls from your Skype account to a cellphone or landline number.

But before that, make sure you complete this entry form, and enter the sweepstakes. Apparently, this promotion was for the month of June, and with three weeks already gone, so are three tablets. If you are feeling lucky, one model is still up for grabs.

It is a 64GB Core i3 variant, as you would expect.

Still, a win is a win.

And if you already are a regular Skype users, and make calls, then it is worth a try.

  • Matthew Laws

    Thanks for making me aware of this contest! Definitely worth a shot to win a great and expensive tablet! Also, fyi check your first couple of sentences of this post. I think the second sentence is a fragment.