The Patch Tuesday update cycle for May just went live late last night and Microsoft has released a whole bunch of fixes in its bid to resolve 33 vulnerabilities in various products.

Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer, Office, Server and Tools are all in to receive this round of improvements. Two of the updates are rated as ‘Critical’, while another eight are labeled as ‘Important’.

The software titan has also fixed the zero-day flaw recently found in Internet Explorer 8 — one that allowed cybercriminals to exploit unpatched systems through compromised websites. As Microsoft very aptly explains in a blog post:

“This security update is rated “Critical” for Internet Explorer 8 on Windows clients and “Moderate” for Internet Explorer 8 on Windows servers. There is no severity rating for Internet Explorer 9. This issue was publicly disclosed and there are limited known targeted attacks.”

Internet Explorer 8 is the world’s most popular web browser when classified according to version number, and if you are still using this browser, it is highly recommended you deploy this fix as soon as possible. Microsoft first reported this particular flaw for IE 8 earlier this month.

This particular issue was reportedly used by some hackers n attacks directed against the U.S. Department of Labor and U.S. Department of Energy, before Microsoft moved in quick to patch it up.

All patches are delivered via the integrated Windows Update option, as is usually the case.

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