While we continue to hear that iOS and Android will soon have their own versions of Microsoft Office, I think it is a bad move.

Microsoft Surface, Windows 8/RT and Windows Phone 8 certainly have other key features that make them worthwhile, but their strong connection to Microsoft Office is equally important when it comes to winning over customers.

For those that don’t know it, Windows Phone 8 gets much better with its Office integration this time around when compared to what was present in Windows Phone 7, or so we hear.

You have Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote aboard. How capable are these phone-based variants though? Actually they are supposed to communication and collaborate pretty seamlessly with the Windows 8/RT version of Office. They also support SkyDrive, Office 365 and even NFC for transferring documents.

With Microsoft Office for Windows Phone 8 you get all your documents when you want them on the go, excellent office doc rendering for a phone, all your notes and clearly the best Office experience you’ll find on a mobile– at least until Microsoft releases its software to other platforms, too…

The full list of features in Office for Windows Phone 8 can be found through Microsoft’s Office blog.

The Importance of Office in the Enterprise

With Sara Lee moving over to Windows Phone, the company stated one of their key reasons was strong integration with Office. It is clear that businesses still think of Windows as the best for office and productivity tasks and these are the folks that Microsoft should focus on winning over.

Getting the average consumer to accept Windows 8/RT and Windows Phone 8 is important too, but if you win the workplace you give many consumers the chance to interact with these new devices on a daily basis. If they have them at work and start getting used to these devices, odds are consumers will buy them at home, too.

Are you interested in Windows Phone 8? If yes, is Microsoft Office part of the reason you are interested or not?

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  1. Yes, I’m interested and WILL purchase a Windows Phone 8 device. Although you mentioned other Office applications, you didn’t mention Outlook. I use gmail but use Outlook on my laptop. Outlook is the Office application I’m most interested in seeing how well it integrates with Windows Phone 8. I want to avoid purchasing a $4/month Enterprise Office 365 subscription in order to sync my contacts, calendar, notes and tasks (emails will go directly to my phone anyway). When I’ve asked at my local Microsoft store, they are not sure either if users will have to use Exchange for wireless syncing. Right now, if you have an iPhone, you can sync wirelessly without Exchange. There are some other 3rd party apps that give various results. But I’m interested to see if wireless syncing comes built in with the Windows Phone 8 os.

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