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A new preview version of Windows 10 went live today, build 17115. And although it brings nothing major in terms of new features, Microsoft has introduced new privacy settings for the OS.

The company actually highlighted a new section that is dedicated to user privacy.

Emphasized its importance.

These changes to privacy settings will be evident from the first boot, as users will have full control over the options and will be able to carefully craft their experience. While the overall look of this new panel is nothing new, there are a number of additions.

As the images below reveal, two new categories are being added to the familiar mix of options. These being Inking & Typing and Find My Device.

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Users will be able to opt in and give away some data to help Microsoft improve inking and typing on its operating platform.

Not just that, Redmond says the information gathered will be used to improve suggestion capabilities of applications and services running on Windows such as handwriting recognition, auto-completion, next word prediction and spelling correction in the many languages used by Windows customers.


And the dotted lines you see around the options above are what the software titan considers the recommend settings for users. You will have to select one of the provided options in order to move onto the next screen and boot into Windows.

As always, these new options are now available to Insiders, and will become generally available to the public in the spring, with the upcoming Redstone 4 update.

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