We are but minutes away from the anticipated Windows 10 event, at Microsoft headquarter in Redmond, Washington where the company will share more details about the new OS.

Everything from consumer features to gaming, Cortana, Spartan, new preview builds, maybe even a new hardware device are on the cards.

We’ll be providing all the action on our Windows 10 website here.

The event begins at 9am Pacific Time, and if you plan on tuning into the live stream, here are the corresponding hours for a few cities around the globe:

  • San Francisco: 9 am
  • New York: 12 pm
  • London: 5 pm
  • Berlin 6 pm
  • Moscow: 8 pm
  • Beijing: 1am (Thursday)
  • Tokyo: 2 am (Thursday)
  • Sydney 4 am (Thursday)

Along with plenty of information about Windows 10, the technology titan is also expected to detail enhancements to its mobile operating platform, Windows Phone. Hopefully we get an idea of when to expect preview builds for both, later in the day.

Billed as the Next Chapter, Microsoft will live stream this event worldwide, and the video is sure to available online for a few days after the event, in case you want in on the full details.

Things are already heating up, and it looks like the company has a lot to share.

Hit up Windows 10 Update for all the coverage!

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