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Finally! It has taken a bit of time, but Windows 10 adoption in the enterprise sector has reached 48%, which is enough to overtake the former leader, Windows 7.

Microsoft is sure to be pleased with this, as the company has tried hard to make its latest OS the preferred choice of both home and business users.

And according to this new set of data (PDF file) provided, Windows 10 adoption in the business world has seen an increase from 27% last year to 48% in 2018. This also meant that the 2009 desktop operating system went down to 44% from the highs of 65%, as it was slowly replaced.

This declining trend is likely set to continue in the coming years, as Windows 7 is on track to reach end of support in January 2020.

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Windows Enterprise Adoption

The report further shows that companies in the computers and electronics business, wholesale and distribution as well as nonprofit organizations are fastest to adopt Windows 10.

While transport and storage, insurance, and healthcare companies were found to be the slowest.


However, the worrying thing for Microsoft has to be the fact that despite Windows 10 increasing its share in the enterprise sector, Windows altogether is losing ground.

Microsoft saw is share fall from 68% to 65% this year, while macOS jumped from 27% to 30%.

Furthermore, Apple also gained steadily in the mobile sector, where the iOS platform recorded a 2% growth to end up at 12%.

Much to ponder here for Microsoft, then?

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