Everybody Loves Raymond. Everybody also loves Windows 7. And according to one analyst, this is one of the reasons why many consumers are choosing to stay away from Microsoft’s newest operating system.

Oh well, you know the deal with analysts and market experts.

Forrester brain David Johnson thinks that Windows 7 already brings all the features most users and businesses need, hence transitioning to a new platform would only lead to additional costs.

He was talking to InformationWeek about the performance of Windows 8:

“Everyone seems to like Windows 7. Windows 8 is still perceived as complex, as requiring user training and app redevelopment.”

Windows 7 continues to be the number one operating system in the world in terms of market share, and while latest figures show Windows 8 is also slowly gaining acceptance, it only climbs a fraction every week. It is still a few leagues away from the doomed Windows Vista.

More importantly, the numbers don’t quite add up with the 60 million licenses sold figure Microsoft likes to flaunt — sure evidence that most buyers are yet to make the transition.

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  • Robert Kegel

    I will agree that if Windows 8 would have followed XP or Vista it would have caught on faster. Since Windows 7 is still fairly new and a very good OS it gives people that are scared to give Windows 8 a reason not to and people to gripe more about what THEY (not me) consider flaws of Windows 8 (lack of start button being one).

    Microsoft was a generation or two behind making Windows 8 just like they were 2-3 generations behind with Windows Phone. If Windows Phone 7 would have come out instead of 6 I think Windows Phone would be in the one or two spot.

    This is a problem Microsoft has, they future think projects that may never come out but that have a problem forward thinking Windows and Windows phone because they’re afraid until its it comes to the wire and their pushed to forward think. Microsoft shouldn’t have to be pushed into making something new and different when it comes to their OS’ they should just figure someone is going to at some point do what they aren’t and just take the plunge…if that makes any sense? In other words with tablets. Microsoft should have known someone would make a finger friendly tablet software at some point and they should have just said “screw it” and been the first. They thought of making tablets in the XP era but they wasted their time trying to put a non-finger friendly OS on a tablet instead of making one that is finger friendly. Same with phones and Windows CE. Unless they can forward think and make the jump they’re always going to miss the punch. Is this Balmers fault? For the most part yes, but Bill Gates made the same mistake. I think its fear of loosing that makes them make these mistakes.

  • chun lin

    Windows 8 is good. albeit, you don’t need to upgrade if you have windows 7 but it’s not bad at all. I personally like it over 7 because it’s smoother in my usages.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jpdeveau Jason Deveau

    Only reason I Kept using windows 7 on my desktop (laptop is 8) is that it fights my graphics card. Until there are better OpenGL drivers for my card. I cannot use it. I do love it, I hate that I am held back. Get with the program AMD!!