Windows 7 Issues and Resolution through Pc Tech Support Eye On Windows

Windows 7 Issues and Resolution through Pc Tech Support

Windows 7 was an upgraded version of the previous Windows XP; initially things seemed rosy for the new operating system, however very soon the Windows 7 users were met with disappointment and many started seeking assistance through online pc repair or Pc tech support for issues with the operating system.

The issues with Windows 7 are mainly because of the functional environment most of the PC users are not familiar with. Here we shall talk about some of the common issues related to Windows 7. However it might be worthwhile to note that Windows 7 does not only come with set problems. With some common tips and tricks you can easily improvise the PC functioning and make it function the best possible way. The reason behind this is that Windows 7 is the latest OS and has many new additional features such as customizable networking, touchscreen features, Internet Explorer 8 as well as a revamped taskbar with thumbnail previews. Moreover you can also boot from a virtual hard drive, encrypt the USB flash drive for data security and calibrate display in order to notice accurate, colors as well as text. Proper computer support from a reliable technical support engineer can help you revamp your PC completely. Online PC repair or Pc tech support, nowadays curtails the need of carrying your PC to the repair centre, you can avail help by the technicians through internet technology.

One of the most common issue that one encounters while using Windows 7 is the error message saying “DVD drive not found”. Actually drive might be visible in BIOS however it might not be ready for proper accessibility. For this you can alter the settings in the regedit. If you are not well-versed with computer functioning, it is better not to tamper with the PC settings, especially registry settings. A technician can easily connect to your computer through Pc tech support and can alter the settings so that your PC is tuned up.

Another issue with Windows 7 is the display problem. Incase you are getting regular display problems it indicates that the transparency is off and Aero theme is not enabled fully. For this click start, type Aero, and then select “Find and fix problems with transparency and other visual effects”. Click next for launching Aero troubleshooting wizard. The same assists you in identifying as well as sorting out the display problems.

Third issue with Windows 7 is iPhone incompatibility with operating system. For this the best option would be to disable overall USB power management. For this you can click on Start, run and then type DEVMGMT.MSC, then the device manager will be launched. You then have to click on View-Devices by type and expand USB controllers’ tree section. After this right click on each USB root hub entry, select properties-power management and clear “Allow computer to turn off this device to save power”. The final step would be to reboot the entire system to ensure that the problem does not persist.
Incase you are not so confident about treating the Operating System problems it is suggested to go for computer support. Nowadays it is very convenient to go for online PC repair as Pc tech support allows the technician to carry out all the necessary deletion, updation, etc, on your PC without visiting your home.

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