Ah, the obligatory operating system market share figures at the start of a new month. March is here, and the numbers posted by StatCounter reveal that Microsoft’s modern platforms have only made minor market share gains.

Windows 7, meanwhile, still finds itself installed on more than half the PCs the world over.

As of this writing, the world’s favorite operating system has around 50.9 percent to its name, and this is one figure that could very likely grow in the next couple of months, as Windows XP users make their final decision on which platform to upgrade.

The ancient operating system only lost a few users in February.

According to the numbers provided by StatCounter, Windows XP now has a market share of 17.07 percentage points, even as less than 40 days now remain before Microsoft officially drops support.

Speaking of support, the company is putting all its weight behind Windows 8.1, and this version is now on the sixth position on this list with 3.55 percent. Throw in the 7.36 percent of Windows 8, and Microsoft’s modern flavors of Windows now have 10.91 percent of the market cornered.

Which should, in reality, put the platform at third position overall.

Decent enough in this day and age, with everything going on in computing technology.

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  1. I think the amount for 8 and 8.1 is probably a little more than these numbers are showing. I’m sure like anything else there is a margin of error

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