Windows 7 Still Remains A Top Selling Operating System

Since launching in late October last year, Windows 8 has slowly raked up a substantial little market share for itself. But even as Microsoft is gearing to launch Windows 8.1, Windows 7 is showing no signs of slowing down.

Multiple reports have confirmed that the older version of Windows remains a very appealing product for buyers across the globe — particularly users that are planning to upgrade their systems.

Windows 7 currently commands a market share of over 44 percent.

And according to Aristeo Torres of Post Computer Systems in Wilbraham, Massachusetts, these numbers make a world of sense as buyers are continually choosing this operating system — even as the said vendor has introduced Windows 8 and is ready to offer Windows 8.1.

Talking to CRN, Torres confirmed a growth in hardware sales, saying:

“We’ve seen recent growth in hardware sales, and Windows 8 is actually driving — but not because we’re selling Windows 8.

The great majority of customers that are buying hardware from us are buying Windows 7 machines. And, our sales are being driven by the fact that Windows 8 was such a radical departure.”

All said and done, this is not something Redmond would terribly mind.

The company’s biggest challenge right now is to move users away from Windows XP to a newer platform, and whether it is Windows 7 or Windows 8 matters little in the immediate scheme of things.

  • Ray C

    That’s what people don’t get. People are going to buy Windows 8.x. It might not reach XP usage in the next 6 months, but as long as people are getting something with a Windows OS on it, Microsoft will be just fine. Also Windows 8.x use will increase the closer we get to and after we pass support for Windows XP

  • Mike Greenway

    Not only analysts can make predictions, here is mine, XP support will end and it’s percentage in the market will remain about the same, just a small drop maybe 8%.