This may be trivial news in the grander scheme of things by the end of this month, but for now it will absolutely delight the Redmond gang as it prepares to unleash Windows 8.1 in just a few weeks.

With the new operating system right around the corner, all eyes are on how it will perform.

And these new numbers paint some pretty rosy picture โ€” many users have already downloaded the official and unofficial builds of the upcoming operating system that were either released by Microsoft on MSDN and TechNet, or leaked as ISOs on file sharing sites.

In any case, it has been a month since near final bits of Windows 8.1 become available.

And Net Applications is reporting that Windows 8.1 is improving its market share at a rather brisk pace. The new operating system is now powering 0.87 percent of computers worldwide, which is an impressive feat when taken in full context.

This translates to an increase of at least 0.63 percent over the previous month.

And this is a clear indication that Windows 8.1 is gaining users much faster than the vanilla Windows 8 these days. The core Windows 8 operating system currently has a share of 8.02 percent, but its overall increase for the past month came in at 0.61 percent.

So, 0.63 percent increase for an OS that has not yet officially launched, compared to the one that has been on the market (and on computers) for almost an year โ€” good show, Windows 8.1, good show!

Ultimately, Microsoft will be the one most pleased by these numbers. They clearly show that Windows 8.1 is turning out to be a more appealing platform for Windows user, and they have taken well to this wholesome revamp and refresh of the companyโ€™s flagship OS.

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  1. Too early to say anything

    • True, it’s just one statistical part of the whole numbers game, but it’s a good start, nevertheless. A 1% number here probably means 10s of millions of users, potentially, of course.

  2. To me you add the 8.1 increase to the 8.o increase and your getting somewhere.
    I wish them well, they deserve it.

  3. I’d love to agree, but I wonder how many of those upgrades are people that have already upgraded to Windows 8, which doesn’t really tell us much.

    • Aye, that is a factor yes, but there is also the thing that only few have subscriptions to Microsoft’s IT channels, and not everyone is interested in downloading and installing leaked bits, even if they come from reliable sources. But say, numbers half the ones posted above for Windows 8.1 would have been a totally another drama.

      At least we know that interest for Windows 8.1 is (reasonably) high at this point in time.

  4. Everyone that has 8 will upgrade to 8.1, and since 8.1 will likely be more well received and not have to deal with the exaggerated backlash, we will see faster growth in Windows 8.x than we did over the last year. Plus, though most people moving from XP will be moving to 7, 8 will at least pick off a small portion of that.

    • Well put. Expect big numbers from Windows 8.1, particularly with second gen Surface and newer Intel Atom tablets that are about to flood the market. I wouldn’t be surprised seeing 20% combined by the time Windows XP retirement comes around next year.

      If things go as they should, that is. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. is windows 8.1 going to be a free update if you already have windows 8

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