3D printing promises big things. But since the technology is being refined, it is yet to really take off. Microsoft, however, wants to be ready when it does, and has outlined its ambition to make 3D printing as effortless as regular desktop printing.

In other words, Redmond wants users to print 3D stuff just like they would a regular Word document.

And native support for this feature is one of the highlights of Windows 8.1 — Microsoft has spared no occasion to praise this. Now the software titan has launched an app with the aim of providing users the ability to take full advantage of 3D printing straight from the Modern UI.

Below lies the official description:

“Meet 3D Builder – the best place to view, prepare, and print your 3D models on Windows 8.1-ready 3D printers! 3D Builder is a fun, easy to use, free app that helps you turn bits into atoms and explore the exciting world of 3D printing. It also includes a library of example 3D objects to get you started.

Whether you are an experienced enthusiast or new to the world of 3D printing, 3D Builder is fun for Makers of all ages.”

Aptly named, 3D Builder, the application comes with a straightforwardly intuitive interface that can be used to design a variety of objects. 3D printers, however, are still very expensive to go mainstream, but if you have one, then you would want to give this app a definite try.

Interestingly, the free app actually only supports the x86 and x64 version of Microsoft’s modern operating systems, meaning Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 users can let their creativity run wild.

Click here to check out 3D Builder on the Windows Store.

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