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Microsoft created one of the best chess games for Windows, the one included in the previous versions of the operating system. But with the arrival of the Windows Store, third party developers have now taken charge.

And we can safely say that the legacy is in safe hands.

One of the finest efforts here is 3D Chess Master, a free to download and play game that offers a high level of polish. Players, both experienced and novice, will love the 25 different levels of computer opponents, ranging from abysmal to downright challenging.

The short and simple official description:

“Play Chess against the computer, in 3D! Human vs AI, AI vs AI, Human vs Human!”

The neat and crisp presentation is the highlight of this app — realistic 3D models, animations and sound effects make for a great experience. The only thing that distracts a bit are the ads that are displayed on the right side of the screen.

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But look beyond that you will find a really capable chess engine. You can set a time limit for each game, review statistics, load and save game states, even see what moves the A.I is evaluating.

A quick tutorial is also included for players that are new to the game of chess and want to get started. This free game supports Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1 on all devices and platforms, and plays just as well with a mouse as it does on touch enabled computers.

Click here to check out 3D Chess Master on the Windows Store.

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