Start the brand new year with some catchy tunes! In the category of one of the better music streaming and discovery apps on the Windows Store we have 8Tracks Radio. By quite some distance, at that.

It brings custom designed mixes from other people, suitable for any taste and place.

A global community of 8 million monthly listeners tune into the service every month, and the result being this app getting high ratings across the board. Speaking of boards, a Metro inspired dashboard makes navigation and exploring the musical selection a breeze.

Indulge yourself in the official description:

“Need a playlist for the weekend, working out or making out? Do you like deep house or dubstep, indie rock or classic rock, jazz or punk? We’ve got it all in droves — you can pick from more than 1 million fresh, free playlists, each curated by someone who knows and loves music. Enjoy millions of songs uploaded and curated by people ‘round the world.”

You may be wondering what sets it apart from other such music apps on Windows.

The developers have stated some reasons like it being free, with less repetition and no audio ads, among others. This, to go with full YouTube and SoundCloud integration.

The app just recently got a refresh for Windows 8.1 and makes use of a number of exclusive features like the ability to pin favorite mixes to the Start Screen for quick access. ARM support is also on offer, making this touch optimized app a perfect fit for Surface tablets.

Click here to check out 8Tracks Radio on the Windows Store.

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