Nothing better than an official app release on the Windows Store. Third party and amateur apps are fine and needed, but certified applications from popular organizations are the need of the hour.

Particularly now, as the platform strives for growth.

Good thing, then that we have another such release. A&E brings episodes of hit television shows like Bates Motel, Bonny & Clyde, Storage War and more right to your Windows 8 device. Episodes, clips and deleted scenes. But only if you are located in the United States.

Here is the official description:

“Watch the latest season of Shipping Wars and hours of Duck Dynasty, Storage Wars, and The First 48! Now you can watch your favorite A&E shows wherever and whenever you want, right on your Windows device.

The A&E app is a great new way to access full episodes and clips from all that A&E has. New content is added all the time.”

Indeed it is — and removed too.

Episodes are only available for a limited time before they are pulled again, but that is understandably okay. This is the prevalent practice even on the official websites of most channels.

The interface is somewhat wonky in the sense that you have to scroll in both directions. No one likes to do that, really! But save for some navigation issues, this free app is very much optimized for tablets, including those based on ARM processors.

Click here to check out A&E on the Windows Store.

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  1. Great app to be released by Windows. I’d like to note that I’m only really a fan of Storage Wars on A&E, but I’m still going to download the app because I think it’s good to have regardless.

  2. Misterbear Fapp / June 25, 2014 at 4:55 pm /Reply

    Tabloid TV. Absolutely not.

    • I’m with you on Duck Dynasty. No doubt about that. However, A&E has a lot of shows that aren’t just tabloid TV, so I do think this app is noteworthy and worthwhile.

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