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Another multiplatform Gameloft title. Age of Sparta has recently hit the Windows Store and the casual city building game has raked up some good rating and great reviews.

Casual, because although rich and refined, this is still a free to play game that allows players a chance to rush tasks and buy items via premium currency. At its core, this is a multiplayer title in which you take control of a small town after Xerxes invades ancient Greece.

The official description says it straight:

“Unite the powers of men and gods to protect ancient Greece from Xerxes’ invasion! Join a compelling strategy game with a unique and intense combat system and thousands of players for you to ally with… or conquer. This isn’t just a war, THIS… IS… AGE OF SPARTA!”

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You can add new buildings to your little establishment during the building phase, from wheat farms to sacred grounds, while at the same time improve existing buildings. A variety of resources are needed to construct buildings, train troops or perform different tasks.

Adding to the strategic element of this engaging game.

Humans and thrown together with myth units to make for an interesting experience, and players can also join alliances in order to gain more power in the world. Overall, an excellent game, perfect for those with interest in mythology or city building. Universal, for all versions of Windows, x86, x64 and ARM.

Click here to check out Age of Sparta on the Windows Store.

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  1. nice graphics

    • Agreed. Just hope something like this was available as a full retail title. Been ages since we’ve had a good city building game on the PC.

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