Curiously titled, but fun nevertheless, this is another casual game that has recently landed on the Windows Store. And it plays similar to the classic arcade hit Asteroids.

This time, however, you control a stationary planet instead of a moving ship. Yeah, tell me about it.

Going by the name of Angel Of Worlds, the goal here is to defend the planet against objects crashing into it. Your piece of rock is smack in the middle of the screen, with two volcanoes available on either sides that can be used to take care of the crashing objects.

Here is the neat and simple official description, by the way:

“Angel of Worlds is an action game, where your goal is to take care of your planets. Defeat 8 unique bosses and prove your greatest skills.”

You get no less than 72 levels to get through the mayhem, and though you can fire multiple shots at once, you do need to time your shots with the rotation and gravity — and therein lies the fun in this well designed casual game.

There are even 8 unique bosses to go through. Along with the uniquely challenging gameplay, another thing going for Angel of Worlds is its rich artwork and visual style. It is amazing, in a word.

The game is offered for free, though there is an option to buy it and remove ads. It supports all modern versions of Windows, including those powered by ARM based processors. And considering just how diabolically fun it is, it is well worth a try on your Windows 8.1 PC or tablet.

Click here to check out Angel Of Worlds on the Windows Store.

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