As the Microsoft Nokia deal nears finalization, the company has been releasing more and more apps on the Windows Store. Releasing, and in some cases, removing exclusivity.

Several Nokia apps, up until now, were limited to the company’s Lumia 2520 tablet.

But now many of them can be run from any PC or device that is running Windows 8.1. And similar to HERE Maps that recently went this route, App Social is also now available for everyone. This modern tool helps users find and recommend new programs for the computer and phone versions of the OS.

Here is the one line of an official description:

“App Social: Discover, browse and share amazing apps both for Windows 8 and Windows Phone.”

Luckily this one line explains it all. The app is a beautiful showcase of quality apps for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone and allows you to not only browse and download them, but also create your own profile and create your very own list of apps to share with friends, and the community.

Obviously, you will need to sign up first, but after that the game is all about getting followers and climbing up the leaderboard — Nokia wasn’t kidding when they put Social in the name of this app.

This free app supports all Windows 8.1 tablets, including those powered by ARM based processors. And the touch optimized interface makes using it on slates a delight.

Click here to check out App Social on the Windows Store.

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  1. not bad , tried it out…interface can be better..

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