Windows 8.1 App Watch: Atlantas

Been a while since we’ve covered a photography app, but this new one, although comes with a multitude of features, also comes with a rather odd name. Atlantas.

Try searching for it in search engines, almost impossible to locate it in first try.

Anyway, it is essentially a really easy to use collage maker that allows you to create photo collages using multiple photos. And although only 792KB in size, it comes with several templates and tools that allow for image resizing, rotation, zoom and other such adjustments.

More on that right after this selection from the official description:

“A fantastic platform to make your custom design collage beyond limitation of default templates. It has smart and advance layouts to start with. Smart provides very intelligent approach to create your collage and Advance provides freestyle layouts with a handful of tools to make yourself creative like an artist on your custom collage design.”

So you get more than 100 templates of all shapes and sizes from the word go. Smart and Advanced layout options means both newcomers and experience users will be at ease. And with built in sharing, created pieces of art can easily be shared with the world.

And although the user interface is simple and serviceable, at least compared to other photography apps on Windows 8 it is not hindrance. Available as a free download for x86, x64 and ARM based devices.

Click here to check out Atlantas on the Windows Store.

  • Wayne S

    It seems like a lot of features for free app! I love editing my photos, so this is perfect for me!

  • Kelsy Martin

    100 templates! That’s what I like to hear. Great app watch! 🙂

  • Jake

    Question: Does this mean we can change the pictures and save them and then upload them to twitter, facebook, or instagram?