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Food is good. Always good. The fuel for life. But great food often comes down to how you cook and present it. Same, then, can be said of apps. Everything needs to come together neatly to create an app that is worthy of attention.

And while BBC is not among the most active of developers on Windows platforms, at least not as active as it could have been, it has taken some neat early steps with its Good Food application.

This free app makes available a series of cookbooks that you can download individually. The classic recipe collection is free, the remaining five cookbooks (Cakes, One-pot, Healthy, Seasonal and Quick) will run you $1.99 each. Totally worth it, however.

Here is the nicely descriptive official description:

“Whether you’re looking for weekday inspiration, trying to cook the perfect steak or attempting your own homemade ice cream, get cooking with the new BBC Good Food app. This app lets you buy and store all the existing BBC Good Food cookbook apps, and organise your favourite recipes in one place.

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The app is free to download, and comes with 20 of our favourite recipes, like, Beef & beer pie, Summer vegetable curry and Chocolate & raspberry pots. It also includes a basic glossary of ingredients and techniques, to get you started.”

The app is neatly designed with beautiful photos of each dish, alongside all sorts of related information about ingredients, preparation, cooking time, serves and nutrition.

And of course, the complete method of how to cook it.

Handily, a glossary is also included, along with a cooking tips section. How to videos are also promised, and more importantly, all recipes are available for offline viewing. All versions of Windows 8 are supported, including those powered by ARM based processors.

Click here to check out BBC Good Food on the Windows Store.

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