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Let’s end the week with another clone. Essentially a copy of Candy Crush Saga, which is yet to be ported to the Windows 8.1 platform, this game offers the same mechanics in a neatly designed package.

You get the same bright color palette in Candy Fever, the same gem matching gameplay.

Three different modes are on offer, including Normal that will advance you to the next level when the required number of candy is matched, Quick, that has you matching as many candies as you can in 60 seconds flat, and Infinite, that is, well infinitely playable.

Here is the official description, or what’s left of it anyway:

“Candy Fever” is an addictive match-3-puzzle-game!”

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All the little bells and whistles are there — for example hints sparkle when you are stuck, showing you which piece of candy to move. And moving itself is effortless, no matter via mouse or touch.

This free game is also light on requirements, what with just a 6.5MB download bill. And this means that you can play it pretty much on any device, no matter the hardware. It also supports all modern versions of Windows, including those based on ARM processors.

Click here to check out Candy Fever on the Windows Store.

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