Creatively titled, Canopy is an app built for those of you that are into Vine. If the idea of watching videos that are limited to a maximum of six seconds is your idea of fun, then this one should come handy.

The Windows Store does not have too many Vine apps, and while this is new, it is one of the better ones around. It allows users the ability to browse popular Vine videos in a number of categories, while also offering the possibility of managing their own Vine feed.

Before we get into more details, behold the official description:

“You can use Canopy to browse through popular Vines and Vines in your own feed.”

Thin and light, eh? The app itself is low on features right now. You get a home feed, and a general category is displayed on start. A right-click displays the categories list at the top, which can be used to browse a specific category of video clips.

But the developer promises fast and furious updates in the future.

In terms of design, the free app brings around a standard Metro inspired package that is simple yet well designed, and puts the emphasis on the videos more than anything. Support for ARM processors is on offer, as is for both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft’s modern operating systems.

Click here to check out Canopy on the Windows Store.

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