If you’ve played Donkey Kong Country on the Super Nintendo, Cave Coaster brings back memories of the mine levels in that classic game. Although it does provide a few neat features of its own.

You get a cart that rolls automatically — and all you have to do is jump when required. That is, if you want to avoid falling into the mine shafts or crash into obstacles along the way. That’s the basic gist of the gameplay, which is actually rather fun and fast paced.

A look at the official description:

“In the Cave Coaster game, you going to ride inside a mysterious cave with a lot of obstacles that will stop you to complete missions. Save your miner friends that get lost inside the cave to get more chances to run away. Get gems to unlock mysterious jewels, exclusive carts and power-ups that will help you on a awesome adventure.”

Your objective, clearly, is to collect gems and jewelry, while unlock power-ups and special carts.

Available as a free download, the game does contain ads, which can be removed if you so prefer. And the developers have also included some basic ranking charts — friend and global. It supports all modern versions of Windows, 32-bit, 64-bit and ARM.

Click here to check out Cave Coaster on the Windows Store.

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