Windows 8.1 App Watch: Checkout Challenge

You could be forgiven for thinking that Microsoft and Disney are the only two game developers for the Windows platform. There is an army of developers, even large companies that have created some very notable titles.

But few have embraced Windows 8.1 as much as Disney. The company regularly releases new titles and ports of existing ones, and this new release is another highly addictive game from Disney.

As the name suggests, Checkout Challenge calls for players to try out their grocery scanning skills. Several objectives are available, including unlockables, a number of special items and a frenzy boost where they can tap to scan items faster.

The official description:

“Do you have what it takes to climb the ranks from ‘Checker-in-Training’ to “Checkout Chairman”?!? Test out your grocery scanning skills in this fast-paced, deceptively simple supermarket challenge! GRAB groceries, SCAN barcodes, COMPETE for the highest score!”

The visuals have a distinct style to them, one that cannot exactly be termed as colorful, but they are okay for a game of this type. It is more about the gameplay here, anyway, which is frantic and fast.

Although it supports all versions of Windows 8, the game actually retails for $4.99, without a freeware version or a trial download. Anyway, with the quality on offer, this one is a worth the dip for people that are interested in this truly unique experience.

Click here to check out Checkout Challenge on the Windows Store.