Microsoft’s new CEO, Satya Nadella, is a man of words. That is, he likes to read and learn about anything and everything that piques his interest. This, he declared in his first official interview.

While you can watch the interview here, but if you, or someone you know is a student, then this app is worth a download. Essentially, a learning application, CK-12 brings tutorials and detailed explanations for well over 5,000 math and science concepts.

Here is what the official description says:

“Browse, learn and practice at your own pace and in your own learning and teaching style. Our Windows 8 App helps you use over 15+ modalities including videos, images, quizzes, practice, and fun interactive learning objects to learn and also teach Math & Science effectively.

Our Math library covers topics ranging from Algebra, Analyis and Arithmetic to Statistics, Probability and Geometry. Our Science library ranges from Earth, Life and Physical science to Biology, Chemistry and Physics.”

For all intents and purposes, you get the whole package, elegantly presented in a free app. This, without doubt, is the reason why this app is perfectly rated five stars at the time of this writing.

You will have to think really hard to name a better Education app in the Windows Store.

The handily placed search form can be used to look up any topic of interest, or you can browse the various subjects the app offers. When you select a topic, there is a reading section that explains the concept, and then a practice part where you can try what you have learned.

This quality app also offers links to related resources on the web, along with community contributed information. It is available for all modern versions of Windows, including ARM based ones.

Click here to check out CK-12 on the Windows Store.

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  • WillyThePooh

    “5000 match and science concepts”? What kind of “match” is that?

    • Fahad Ali

      The worst kind. 🙁 Fixed.