What better way to start a new week than with a puzzle game. You know, the kind that has player combining three of the same kinds, what do you call them, match three?

Well, Cooking for Giants is something similar — but at the same time, quite different.

You are tasked with combining three or more ingredients of the same type on the board to create pastries, and you can place one randomly selected ingredient each turn. Things get really interesting though, as you will find below.

Right after this official description:

“The Giants have awoken and they are HUNGRY! Adventure through a beautifully imagined world as you cook delicious pastries to put the giants back to sleep before they make a mess in this innovative new match-3 puzzle game!”

So, you do not get to place an ingredient on each turn — you also get to place monsters and random ingredients on the board. And then there is the case of creating larger versions of a pastry by combing three smaller pastries, so they are removed from the board.

In other words, the game does well to keep things interesting. And difficult.

Available for free, this universal app relies on in-game currency that can be used to buy power ups. It also restricts lives of to a maximum of five, which are replenished over time, or via purchases. Compatible with all versions of Microsoft’s modern OS, including x86, x64 and ARM.

Click here to check out Cooking for Giants on the Windows Store.

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  1. Well, this well make me hungry. Lol. But seriously, this is a good combination of cooking theme and puzzle game. I think I’m going to thoroughly enjoy this. Thanks!

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