Windows 8.1 App Watch: Cosmic Predator Warmup

You just absolutely, positively have to deliver when you name you game Cosmic Predator Warmup, and the good thing is that the developers behind this engaging game have done just that.

Curious title aside, this is actually an action shooter where you have control over a galactic squid. Yes, you ready that right — a galactic squid. The Warmup in the title denotes the fact that it contains just the first two sectors of the game.

More on how the game plays, only after the official description:

“You are the Cosmic Predator, a mighty space squid with a constant thirst for blood. With his species on the verge of extinction, he must travel through the cosmos in search of the Life Stone, a small planetoid with mystical properties that was stolen from his ancestors by Plane Trade Incorporated.

Fly through galactic junkyards, explore asteroid gardens, and fight through space-age cities in your mission to save your species from extinction and grow into the most powerful predator in the universe.”

It may be a trial version, but one look at the game is enough to tell you that it comes with a very distinct set of styles — visual and gameplay. The art is quite different, and the game itself is decently challenging, ensuring that you will be occupied for a while if you take to it.

And if you do, you have full version waiting for $3.99.

The free version of this game brings a few bosses and plenty of power ups, and although it primarily supports touch controls, it can be played with a keyboard and mouse as well. ARM support included too.

Click here to check out Cosmic Predator Warmup on the Windows Store.

  • Sally Black

    Hmm.. I have to be honest, that picture is disappointing. Is that an actual screenshot? If it is, I may have to pass on this.

    • Emily W

      I kind of like that the graphics aren’t realistic! It looks interesting enough for me to try out the free version! I look forward to this.

  • Jake

    Is $3.99 worth it for this game? Also, how much can you do on the free version before you need to upgrade?