There just aren’t enough arcade soccer games around. While high profile entries like FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer have the simulation genre cornered, fun arcade games are few and far between.

Disney aims to change that with this exotically named, Bola Soccer.

With the 2014 edition of the World Cup entering its final phases, the company has launched an addictive free soccer game that brings along a number of features like quick games, tournaments, online play, swipe and gesture support and, of course, plenty of in-app purchases.

The official description is rather free flowing:

“Do you have what it takes to WIN? Play solo or against your friends in this ultimate football adrenaline rush and prove that you’re the champ! LEAD YOUR DREAM TEAM from the slum to win the global championship. CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS and rivals from every country.

IMPROVE PLAYER PERFORMANCE with different skills – defense, speed, tactics, intelligence and attacks to become a true Bola Champ.”

This is a social game, designed primarily for mobile. The lack of keyboard controls means that playing on the good old PC is an effort in itself. However, the touch controls really shine on tablets.

The visuals are what you would expect from a game of this sorts, and the cartoony style means that it offers fast paced fun for all ages. The game supports all versions of Windows 8, including those powered by ARM based processors.

Click here to check out Disney Bola Soccer on the Windows Store.

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  • Dennis

    Disney doing a great job jumping in on the soccer craze that has struck Americans during this World Cup. Smart move. Nice app.