Windows 8.1 App Watch: Disney Solitaire

Another fine Tuesday morning, and another fine (and exciting) Disney game on the Windows Store. The popular developer has recently launched a new title for Windows 8.1 users.

Desktop and tablet users, both, of Microsoft’s modern platform can now indulge in this solitaire card game, provided they part ways with $4.99. Rather expensive for a mobile app, but at least it is very richly designed. Disney Solitaire is everything one might expect from a game of this caliber.

It comes with two modes of play, 120 different levels, some delightful classic music and video clips from movies, and beautiful level art. Oh, and animated power ups, don’t forget the animated power ups!

Here is how Disney pitches it in the official description:

“Play a challenging solitaire adventure game against the backdrop of timeless Disney classics in Disney Solitaire! Travel through beautiful level maps based on Peter Pan and The Lion King as you play solitaire, overcome villains, and meet your favorite characters along the way!”

Do keep in mind that the game only supports Windows 8.1, so you will need to upgrade to the newest version of the operating system to download it. ARM based devices also invited, on the flipside. And be prepared to part with mucho bandwidth too, as this one flies in at a heavy 399 MB.

Nevertheless, it gets you a premium title, one that also comes with OneDrive support for cloud saves. A free trial version would be welcomed by those that want to take it for a test drive, however.

Click here to check out Disney Solitaire on the Windows Store.

  • John Howe

    Darn! I saw this and got really excited ’cause I love Disney and solitaire, but I got upset when I saw it was $4.99. A little expensive, but I may buy it at some point just to try it out.

    • Lars

      Normally, I’d agree. I rarely would pay $5 for an app, and I think this is one I would. Disney has a history of great apps, and it’s hard to make a bad solitaire. I love this idea!

  • Matthew Laws

    I trust disney. 120 levels of a game I love is worth 5 bucks to me. I will buy this and try it out. I have high hopes for this.