Sketching and doodling apps were one of the first to appear on the Windows Store, but while almost all of them offer a comprehensive feature set, not many are refined and sophisticated as they could be.

Part of this is because Microsoft cornered the space with its impressive Fresh Paint app.

But if you are looking for a simple, easy-to-pick-up and fun doodling app (particularly for kids), then Doodle Buddy should be right up your alley. This app brings countless possibilities to create your artistic masterpiece with colors, stencils and even stamps.

Before we get any further, the official description:

“Doodle Buddy is the most fun your fingers can have on a Windows device! It’s like finger-painting, but instead of getting your fingers messy, you get to create amazing works of art that you can share with friends. Even non-artists can create a masterpiece with thousands of colors, stencils, and stamps.”

Now while this free app is high on features, allowing users to draw and experiment with a variety of designs, it is still a little rough around the edges in terms of refinements — the UI could use a few tweaks, and improved color management, more brush types, are things that are always welcome.

The stickers with sounds are not to be missed, however.

This free app supports all flavors of Windows 8.1, including those powered by ARM based processors. And while mouse usage is fine, this one is really built for touch enabled tablets.

Click here to check out Doodle Buddy on the Windows Store.

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