The third and final Hobbit film will be here soon, with a dragon seeking revenge on folks that try to steal his gold. Dragon Revenge is a game that has something similar going.

This beautiful game has you playing as one of three dragons and exact your revenge on humans that have stolen your gold. You can use your flame breath to burn down settlements, as well as attack human defenders.

A look at the official description:

“Burn it all! Destroy everything! Crush your enemies! Take back your gold! Why? Because you can. You are the Dragon. And this is your revenge…”

This free game has received several good reviews with plenty of downloads, and it’s easy to see why.

The artwork is delightful, there is freedom in flight and how you accomplish your goals — and even the music has a nice groove to it. You even get missions that can be completed using different abilities and tactics to go with the straightforward way of burning everything down.

Upgrades are also available that can be used to improve the health or fire damage of the dragon, or add new abilities like throwing rocks from the sky.

The first few levels are easy and act as introduction to the game, but the difficulty picks up soon after that. Not universal binaries, but you do get full support for x86, x64 and ARM versions of Windows.

Click here to check out Dragon Revenge on the Windows Store.

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