When it comes to classic games, you would have to think really hard to find one that has appear on more platforms and devices than Dragon’s Lair. Even most modern games might struggle to match it in this regard.

So successful was it when it launched, that it was soon ported to nearly every computing device known to man. And keeping in mind, the amazing visual quality it offered, this is hardly surprising.

And now the original arcade game is now available for Windows 8. This is almost a ditto copy of the original, pixel for pixel, frame by frame — the only major new addition seems to be the global high score system that the developers have bundled in for this release.

More on the game, after this official description:

“Dragon’s Lair, one of the most beloved arcade games of all time can now be enjoyed from the comfort of your home. This fully arcade authentic version includes all of the original scenes you’ve come to enjoy, and even an all-new global high scores list so you can show how well you wield Dirk’s sword. Other bonuses include a full watch feature to sit back and enjoy Don Bluth’s stunning animation.”

So basically, if you have played the game before you know what to expect.

It is made up of some gorgeously animated scenes and action sequences that require you to react quickly and correctly in order to proceed. If you like this sort of gameplay, then a lot of fun awaits you.

Ultimately, it is offset by the rather high asking price of $9.99. If this was a remake or a completely new version, then yeah sure, but only dedicated fans will be okay with this price tag. Luckily, you can find out if you are one by downloading the free trial version and seeing if you like it.

However, at 1804.2 MB it is quite a download. The game supports all versions of Windows 8, including ARM based ones, and gesture based controls mean that it is a perfect fit for tablets and touch devices.

Click here to check out Dragon’s Lair on the Windows Store.

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