It is not often big name developers like Gameloft dab into match three games like this, but then again, Dungeon Gems is much more than that. It is, essentially, a strategy game with some RPG elements sprinkled on for good taste.

You combine elements at the bottom of the screen, and these trigger attacks by a selection of heroes that are available to you. The ultimate quest, of course, being the slaying of the dragons.

The official description:

“Join players from all around the world in a quest to defeat the dragons! Experience thrilling, fast-paced puzzle gameplay with strategic RPG-style party management.”

A shining example of what free to play titles can be, both good and bad, this game combines several different elements to craft a unique experience. You have hundreds of warriors at your disposal, and each one can launch a different elemental attack.

And then there are the level ups and power ups that can be used to evolve your heroes — they are strong in one element and weak in another.

Although this free game is already a hefty download at 133.6 MB, it also downloads additional data on first run. You preferably want to download this via your WiFi connection. Plus it currently does not offer support for the ARM based versions of Windows, only x86 and x64. Oh well.

Click here to check out Dungeon Gems on the Windows Store.

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  1. My brother will love this game! He’s into puzzles and dragons. Perfect! Thank you for making me aware of this app 🙂

  2. What kind of puzzles are these? I’m intrigued, but not totally sold yet. Seems like it’s worth a download though

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