Talk about naming your game! Sometimes it is best keeping a title simple, and when it comes to generic titles you can’t do much better than Epic Battle Dude. All three word scream minimalism.

This is actually the second game from German developer Handy Games, of Aces of the Luftwaffe fame (we covered that game recently). And it substitutes the sky high combat of that game with swords, shields, and monsters — lots and lots of them, in fact.

You start with a basic set of weapons, but get access to better weapon and armor later in the game. Money is earned simply by defeating enemies and heading for the level exit.

The official description:

“EPIC BATTLE DUDE is an innovative fantasy action game with RPG elements and tactical real-time combat. Use sword, axe and mace to fight vicious monsters and turn the tide of battle by making tactical use of deadly traps and mighty power-ups!

Loot lavish treasures and buy powerful magic weapons for maximum carnage! Hack and slash your way through 50 levels filled with hordes of challenging enemies and become the ultimate EPIC BATTLE DUDE!”

When it comes to enemies, you have a whole bunch thrown at your, including spiders, skeletons and archers. There are 3 type of attacks with over 50 weapons, requiring different tactics for the various enemy types you encounter through 4 unique locations and 50 challenging levels.

The visual and acoustic presentation is energizing, and the game itself is a quick download at just 19.6MB. It is built for touch based tablets, and supports Windows RT 8.1 along with Windows 8.1.

Click here to check out Epic Battle Dude on the Windows Store.

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