It’s the attack of the clones! One of the more remarkable mobile gaming phenomenon is the success of Flappy Bird, a notoriously difficult game that recently topped the store charts.

The developer has now pulled the title from the App Store and Google Play, and while he promised a Windows adventure, it never actually materialized. But if the original did not get a chance to take flight on Windows 8.1, several of its clones have.

And none are better than Flap Flap — this one arrives with the same idea behind the original, requiring you to tap or click your wings in an effort to avoid obstacles and attain a higher score.

The official description is barely enough to go by, though:

“Help our little guy to avoid the obstacles.”

But the cheery and colorful graphics and simple visual style is unmistakable.

While the game plays perfectly fine on PCs with keyboard and mouse, this is clearly a title designed for mobile usage in mind, and is best played on touch enabled devices, like Microsoft’s very own Surface line of tablets.

This free game has quickly found success in downloads and ratings, which is unsurprising considering the fact just how addictive it is. Flap Flap supports all versions of Windows 8.1 including ARM based ones.

Click here to check out Flap Flap on the Windows Store.

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