Another cross-platform app has landed on the Windows Store in the form of Folia. This productivity application was released last month on iOS and brings a few interesting touches.

At its very core, Folia is a word processor. Done different.

Which is to say that it allows users to record their thoughts and ideas in a simple text editor. There is a Folia Manager that allows streamlined management, and connected files are available from the library with a simple touch or click in the right place.

Here is what the official description states:

“Folia helps you connect the dots between your documents and ideas. With Folia, you can write, connect, annotate, and collaborate all within the same application.

Instead of sending an email with multiple attachments and having to explain how each of them are related, you can use Folia to curate an interactive tour. Tie all your thoughts and resources together with Folia: It’s word processing, linking, annotation, and file sharing all rolled into one beautifully simple tool!”

An evolution of word processing, in just the right direction, then.

Since this is the initial release on the platform a few niggles still remain, mostly have to do with detection of Internet connectivity. But you can be sure that these will be taken care of in due time, along with the addition of new features.

Hopefully the developers also take care of an ARM version. Currently Folia is available as a free download only for x86 and x64 versions of Windows. Still very much worth a try, though.

Click here to check out Folia on the Windows Store.

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