They don’t make games like these anymore. Games like FreudBot are few and far between, more so on the mobile front, where most independent developers focus on tried and tested ideas.

But stepping out of the box, trying something original has its rewards — and this is one good example of this. Fun and fresh, this game has you facing other people throughout the day, tasking you to keep your aggression, fear and self-doubt levels in check.

The official description:

“Help Steve, a fearful clerk working in a local super market, to survive his work week! Face the challenges of everyday life in over 40 comic levels: Strange mothers, complicated girlfriends, dangerous youths, aggressive bosses and … your own Fear!

The wonderful and unique FreudBot, robotic psychoanalyst, will teach you to beat aggression, doubt and fear. Can you handle over 100 bad vibes and take control again of your puny human existence?”

Essentially, you have eight days to become mentally stable again!

And in the process you meet people and persons of all sorts, from your boss to your mother, and counter what they throw at you, as you try to keep calm using cards. These cards have positive or negative values, and it is up to nullify or reduce the impact of the cards from your opponents.

Original, hilarious, and in a pleasingly cartoony style, this free game is absolutely worth a download. Not universal, but available for all versions of Windows 8, x86, x64 and ARM.

Click here to check out FreudBot on the Windows Store.

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  1. This is the most fun and original mobile game I’ve heard about in quite some time. I can’t wait to download this and give it a try! 🙂

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