Windows 8.1 App Watch: Galaxy Run HD

Windows 8.1 App Watch: Galaxy Run HD

Another running game? Well, why not. Microsoft has provided developers with several tools to port their applications to Windows 8, and the results are definitely showing.

Galaxy Run HD has just made the transition from iOS, and landed on the Windows Store.

This free game offers addictive gameplay optimized for touch devices, and offers a space adventure made of up around 350 levels. And 18 unique gameplay features are available for players — speed boosters, antigravity, grappling hooks, springboard, even portals.

A look at the official description:

“Suit up to join a crazy adventure to help get Rez home from the deep and dark mysteries of Space on his one way trip to adventure and fun. Rez while getting back to Earth in his space craft gets trapped in an asteroid belt and crashes on an unknown planet. Can you help get Rez back home?”

As one would expect, a casual title of this type comes with a cartoony style art, and the overall presentation is premium quality. And speaking of premium, the game is offered free of charge, and can be easily played without dabbling with in-app purchases. A rarity.

The controls are touch optimized, and this universal app can be downloaded on Windows Phone handsets as well as Windows 8 and Windows RT 8 devices. Give it a run.

Click here to check out Galaxy Run HD on the Windows Store.