Oh, look, another gaming system emulator. There are a few already available for Windows 8.1, but a complete lineup of new ones has landed, and among them is this Sega Genesis emulator.

Also known as the Mega Drive in part of the world, particularly Europe, this was Sega’s most successful console. And that means you can find a thousand and one games created for this gaming system, including some of the best ones of all time.

Anyway, Genstalgia is the name of our Sega Genesis emulator in focus. You do need Genesis ROM files to play the classic games, as it actually comes with just one homemade game by default.

Here is what the official description says:

“Genstalgia is an evolving Sega Genesis emulator optimized for Windows 8 and Windows RT. To play your favorite old school games, additional game cartridge files (ROM) are required, which can be in .smd, .gen, .md, .bin and .zip file extensions.”

This is actually a paid app, retailing for $3.49, though a free trial version is also available for download.

And in terms of features, you will struggle to find a more feature rich emulator for Windows 8.1. When it comes to controls, Genstalgia supports touch, joystick and the good old keyboard — you can throw in two Xbox 360 controllers or use the configurable keyboard.

You also get support for 30Hz HDTVs and 60Hz PC monitors, ensuring wherever you output your game, it works without a hitch. This app works fine on all flavors of Windows 8.1, including ARM based ones.

Click here to check out Genstalgia on the Windows Store.

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