A rather nice sounding title for a nice looking action game. Get Off My Lawn! This is a casual title through and through, in which you avoid being abducted by aliens.

This is apparently form Digital Leisure, the same guys that brought the Dragon’s Lair port to the Windows Store. And it’s a rather unique concept — aliens approach your home in waves, and you can take care of them using the weapons you have at hand.

The obvious goal being to prevent them from reaching you. Not the easiest of tasks, as the aliens get stronger with each wave, and there are more of them to deal with.

Here’s a selection from the official description:

“Shoot first and ask questions later in this endless fast paced arcade shooter, and keep those pesky aliens off of Murray’s perfectly manicured lawn! Collect valuable alien orbs to upgrade your weaponry. Use ‘Cane Time’, ‘Infuriate’, and ‘Soundwave’ power-ups to gain the upper hand when all seems lost.

The longer Murray holds the lawn, the stronger those aliens get. But there is plenty of firepower waiting for you to try out in The Shed. So, lock and load…and Get Off My Lawn!”

You earn orbs, as noted above, during play, which can then be invested in weapons, gadgets and upgrades. Pretty standard stuff there, easy to pick up and play.

The visuals are also distinctly unique. The 3D modelled environment and characters are richly colorful, and same can be said of the effects. Neat presentation, overall. The premiere version weighs in at a weighty 165.3MB, but you do get support for all versions of Windows, x86, x64 and ARM.

Click here to check out Get Off My Lawn! on the Windows Store.

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