I guess you can term Goal.com as the football (or soccer) equivalent of DigiTimes. This is one website that has made a name for itself in spreading fake rumors and even more fake headlines.

Beyond this questionable strategy, however, you will find a worthy resource of football news, match reports and features. This, again, is the case for the official Goal.com apps on various platforms, they lack the necessary refinements that you find on other sports apps. And Windows 8.1 is no different.

Even the official description could use some work:

“The new Goal.com app brings you the latest news direct from our worldwide network of reporters, with exclusive content, interviews, transfer gossip, live scores and much more from the world of football.

No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you will be able to get all of the latest football news within seconds, with the Goal.com app. Goal.com gives the most comprehensive and expert coverage from all the major domestic leagues and international tournaments.”

But the app is here, and even though the initial release lacks the necessary polish, we can expect future updates to take care of this. In its current state, however, the app works fine, without any hiccups or glitches, and brings the latest news from the site and presents it in a Modern UI environment.

Which brings us to the design, which again, is serviceable. Better options to select and follow a team would be welcome, and enhanced navigation would make for a much improved experience.

Hopefully, all that is coming in future refreshes, of what is currently a pedestrian app as of this writing. It does, however, support all modern versions of Windows, including Windows RT 8.1.

Click here to check out Goal.com on the Windows Store.

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