Windows 8.1 App Watch: GRIDD 2

PC and mobile displays along with television sets have that special something that cannot be replicated on other mediums like print or even cinema screens. And that special something is called glow.

These backlist displays can channel light in such a way that it creates glow effects that are exclusive to these devices. There have been some works that make use of this technique, one of the more notable ones is Disney’s TRON series. Something similar is this game that goes by the name of GRIDD 2.

This old fashioned game puts this neon glow to great use as it has a player avoiding obstacles, fighting enemies and besting their scores in endless runs.

Just like the game itself, the official description is simple and straightforward:

“GRIDD 2 is the sequel of the Windows Phone award winner game GRIDD. Play endlessly, avoid obstacles, fight enemies and set your best score in this neon looking old fashioned Shoot Em Up!

Play using Tilt controls to feel the freedom of movement!”

You may have to pay attention to the last line there, particularly if you are on a PC — switch from tilt controls to keyboard, gamepad or touch controls to make the game more accessible.

Gameplay is easy to pick up. You move with your keyboard and shoot with the mouse. But the absolute highlight of this game is its visual style. The graphics are a joy to behold as you pass through the neon landscapes at breakneck speeds.

The game retails for $2.99, but a free trial is available for you to take it for a spin before purchasing. And it supports ARM based tablets along with the standard 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 8.1.

Click here to check out GRIDD 2 on the Windows Store.