Casual games may have made the other competing platforms, but they’ve been available on Windows long before the mobile revolution. Happy Chef 2 is one such specimen.

This free game is a successor to another Windows Store hit, Happy Chef, and it brings what most successors do. Which is more of the same, in a bit more refine, a bit more elaborate package. It is at its core, the same time management hit that promises hours of gameplay for those into it.

The official description in full:

“Cook a variety of dishes from all parts of the world and become an expert chef in this Time Management game. You start from the humble beginnings in an authentic pizza and pasta place in Italy, and as you become a more advanced cook, you go to Hawaii, America, China and France, and become a world famous star chef.

Cook pizzas and pastas, ice creams and brownies, pancakes and potato chips, oriental dishes, exquisite French plates and many more. Upgrade your kitchen with fantastic new equipment that you’ve always dreamed of, decorate your restaurant and serve a huge variety of customers with unique tastes and preferences. And have a lot of fun, while doing it, be a Happy Chef!”

Simply put, you’ve got over 100 dishes to cook from a world cuisine, which you do in the 70 or so levels the game offers. Along the way are several mini games and countless upgrades to decorate and improve your restaurant.

The presentation is, as expected, perky, with colorful visuals and rich audio.

You do have to buy the game to really enjoy it, but it is a universal app, and works fine on x86, x64 and ARM versions of Windows. Give it a try, if you’re into time management titles. In any case, it should appeal to kids and little ones.

Click here to check out Happy Chef 2 on the Windows Store.

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