Another official client has landed on the Windows Store. And this time The Huffington Post is in on the action, with an application that brings its colorful selection of articles and media, photos and videos right within the Metro environment.

The design of the app is amusingly minimalistic — emphasis on the content and not the container.

You can browse the front page for a selection of categories like politics, business, technology and more, or right-click to select the categories individually. If only rest of the things in life were this simple.

Here is a selection from the official description:

“The Huffington Post app brings you up-to-the-minute articles, photos, videos and blogs in a dynamic and personalized experience. By customizing your settings, you can be a part of the conversation on the topics that matter most to you — from politics, business and technology, to fashion, entertainment, lifestyle and healthy living.”

For the premiere version of an app, this one has a satisfactory amount of features.

Along with news and headlines, you get the ability of sharing articles or even reading them offline. This is done by enabling the offline reading mode in options — this way articles remain accessible even when your computer or device is not connected to the Internet.

This free app supports all versions of Windows 8.1, including ARM. And the touch optimized interface is similar to a lot of other such News apps with lots of text and an image or two here or there.

Click here to check out The Huffington Post on the Windows Store.

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  • Rodney Longoria

    Great app, especially since I subscribe via email to get their daily news. Now, if we could deselect the “Fashion” section and get their “Science” section instead, then I’d be a happy camper!