Been a while since we’ve featured a music or radio app on this column, and what better way to do so than by talking about one of the most popular choices available on the Windows Store.

Already a hit on other platforms, iHeartRadio was released for Windows 8 a while back. And it now has thousands upon thousands of downloads to go with more than 12,000 positive ratings from users that have already installed it.

The official description:

“Listen to your favorite live radio stations including pop, country, hip-hop and R&B, rock, talk, news, and sports. Browse radio stations by music style and location, then hit the scan button to move from radio station to radio station within a format.”

One highlight of this app is that it allows users the ability to create their own stations with artists and songs that they want to listen to — some 40,000 artists and 15 million songs are available.

Constant updates to the application have resulted in a very refined interface, still very Metro, but with optimized and organized menus and playback controls.

This free app also allows the creation of accounts, which can be used to favorite specific songs or radio stations that can be accessed at a later time. No shortage of Windows exclusive features like pinning. And it works without any issues on all modern versions of Windows, including Windows RT.

Click here to check out iHeartRadio on the Windows Store.

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