Another nice little game has hit the Windows Store. Exotically named, Inka Madness is a very well designed platform title that takes place during the time of the Inca Empire.

The game makes use of the classic jump and run mechanics, along with some very neat visuals. You control your character using the cursor keys — left and right to move, up to jump and down to dig. But platform games are only as good as their level design, and Inka Madness delivered in this regard.

More on that below, but first, the official description:

“Atuq, favorite son of the ruler Inca Tupac Qhari is a great warrior who the gods had chosen for the great mission to free his brother from a terrible curse and the Inca Empire of chaos.

Come with us and help Atuq to fulfill its important mission in the way of the Incas. Immerse yourself now in a world full of adventure and danger!”

Part backstory and part official description, it does little to highlight the fact that this is a very challenging game, and the levels are full of secrets for you to discover. You can also acquire items, interact with friendly folks, and attack enemies.

The cartoony style gameplay of this free game can unfortunately only be enjoyed on Windows 8.1 Pro devices, as it only supports x86 and x64 processors, not ARM based ones. Bummer!

Click here to check out Inka Madness on the Windows Store.

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  1. No ARM . that’s what I don’t like. I enjoy this game on Win 8.1 x64 laptop…

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