Windows 8.1 App Watch: Inside The Ticker

There are only a few universal truths in life, one of them being that the Windows platform is a perfect fit for business and financial applications. But how about a financial simulation type of app?

You are in luck because this highly rated application gives you a hundred thousand bucks in virtual money, which you can then invest in stocks. Inside the Ticker allows you to buy, sell and monitor your portfolio in real time, with the goal of increasing your starting capital β€” all using real stock information.

The official description:

β€œWhat would you do if you had $100,000 to invest? Which stocks would you buy? Could you beat the market? Find out with our fantasy stock market game. We give you a big pot of fantasy cash, you get current quotes, trade shares – and see how good of an investor you really are.

Grow your assets through smart investing and gain bragging rights with your friends. Share your recent trades and get bonus capital to add to your kitty. You can also earn added cash by watching Inside the Ticker videos about current market high fliers and laggards.”

Everything is pretty straightforward here, from the crisp and clean interface to handy tabs and boxes that display stock information and financial details.

You are required to sign into the application before you start your virtual trading, however. But once you do that, you can view your portfolio in real time as you trade, and keep tabs on the stocks you have bought and sold.

The interface is, obviously, touch optimized, and the app also offers real world news and videos from the financial markets. Support for all versions of Windows is available, including those that are powered by ARM based processors.

Click here to check out Inside the Ticker on the Windows Store.

  • Claire R

    Really cool! A great way to practice investing without having to spend actual money! I hope this makes me good at investing. πŸ˜›

  • Yorker

    This is pretty awesome. The only negative is that if you do well, you’ll wish you invested real money! Really good way for those looking to invest in the market to try it out for free though. Nice app.

  • Chaser

    This a perfect mix of business and fun. Microsoft doing this makes perfect sense! I’m downloading this tonight. Can’t wait to try it out!