Windows 8.1 App Watch: Jeopardy!

Windows 8.1 App Watch: Jeopardy!

Sony and Microsoft are rivals in some businesses, collaborators in others. Luckily, app development falls under the latter, as Sony has just launched its Jeopardy game on Windows 8.1.

Overall, it is a good effort, worth a try for fans of the show.

This official app allows you to become one of the contestants in the show, and you can create your own avatar, and jump into answer questions from a wide range of categories — culture, sports, travel and world history.

The official description of this official app:

“Test your knowledge with thousands of clues collected from the show’s very own writers. Hear Johnny Gilbert’s famous Jeopardy! Introduction, step up to the podium and get ready for categories ranging from sports and popular culture to travel, world history and much more.

Customize your own avatar in-game and use the interactive touch screen to write your name on the podium. Play in single player mode or challenge your family and friends using Party Mode. Celebrate 30 seasons of America’s Favorite Quiz Show®—download now and play today!”

Nicely written description, it tells you almost everything about the game.

Now while the selection of questions is pretty neat in Jeopardy, Double Jeopardy and Final Jeopardy, and the audio presentation is top notch, the gameplay side of things could use a few improvements.

The game is fast and furious, an option to pause would be welcome.

And sometimes it is hard to know whether the answer is the correct one, because of the lack of sound. Plus, the CPU sometimes needless passes a question as a player, when the first two players miss the answer. Tiny niggles.

No free version of the game is offered, and you will have to pay $1.99 to get access to it. Five clue packs are also available for 99 cents each, with 700 clues. Works on all modern versions of Windows, including the tablet oriented Windows RT.

Click here to check out Jeopardy on the Windows Store.

  • Cliff14

    Paid or not, I’m a huge Jeopardy buff, so this is a must own and download for me. I’ll gladly pay 1.99 plus 99 cents for all 5 packs! Love this!