Windows 8.1 App Watch: LEGO Hero Factory

Windows 8.1 App Watch: LEGO Hero Factory

Proving that there are unimaginable riches to be found in creating inexpensive plastic building blocks and selling them at exorbitant prices, LEGO is now everywhere. From books to toys, TV shows to movies.

And of course, countless video games.

One of the newer ones to land on the Windows Phone Store is the company’s own brand, Hero Factory. LEGO Hero Factory Invasion From Below is the full title of this action-packed platform game that offers a world of 9 city bursting levels, 45 levels of abilities and special moves and 75 badges to collect.

Try and make sense of this official description:

“”Hero Factory this is Evo, I’m bailing out of the Turret Machine. My attackers seem to be coming out of the ground. Hero Factory — we’re gonna need something bigger than me. We need Battle Machines!”

Dispatch with the Alpha team and jump into the deep end with one of nine awesome Battle Machines to defeat the ‘Invasion from Below’.”

Fans, obviously, are going to have the most fun of this game, since this is a lineup of toys that is primarily aimed at 6 to 12 year old kids. But the gameplay here is fun enough that anyone can join in and have a good time.

Players earn skill points by completing levels by running, jumping and shooting to finish certain objectives. These can be spent on upgrading various abilities like attack speed and power.

This free game does indeed come with in-app purchases, but the developers note that all purchases can actually be achieved through playing the game alone. All flavors of Microsoft’s modern operating platform are supported, including those that run on ARM based processors.

Click here to check out LEGO Hero Factory on the Windows Store.

  • John Howe

    Lego anything will always be huge among the kids. Definitely a nice, free app to have offered on the app store. Nice!

  • Mary

    Thank you for putting the spotlight on this! It’s free and LEGO brand. My son is going to love this! 🙂

  • Matthew Laws

    It’s free, so I’m not asking for much. With that being said, 45 levels doesn’t sound like much depending on the easiness of the levels. Any word?