What is life, but words here and there? Well, the mobile world is addictive to word games, and the just launched Letter Lab is another new such arrival on the Windows Store.

You are tasked with generating enough points in each round of this word puzzle game, in order to qualify for the next one — and as you’ll soon see, it’s another case of easier said than done. Basically, you have to unscramble the words with drag and drop.

Here’s the emotional sounding official description:

“Devoted to Word Games? LETTERLAB is the ultra-addictive and challenging word game for you! Race against time to arrange letters in the words palette to find words along each row. Great fun with a touch screen, just drag the letter ’tiles’.”

The game displays 25 random letters in five rows, and it is your job to create and compile words in those rows in order to increase your score. Letters can be arranged via dragging and dropping, and you’ll be doing that a lot, moving a whole bunch of letters to create words.

And therein lies the fun in this simple, yet addictive, title.

Obviously, the longer the word, the more points you get. It’s somewhat low on options and modes, and time is your enemy here. But the visuals are delightful and you get more than 150,000 words to play with. For x86, x64 and ARM versions of Windows.

Click here to check out Letter Lab on the Windows Store.

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